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East London Love Stories: Meet Easthaus co-founders Jenna and Patrick and find out how Easthaus began

Jenna and Patrick both grew up and currently live in East London. Having spent most of their careers in the property industry, working for some of the most well respected developers and agencies in London, they saw a gap in the market for a genuine local estate agency that can offer real industry expertise. So armed with a passion for property and a lifetime knowledge of the East End, Easthaus was born.

What led you to set up EastHaus?

It was Patrick’s mum actually! When we both were working in property in the West End, Patrick helped his mum to sell her house in Homerton. We found the whole process frustrating and disappointing, nothing at all like the service we were used to providing in the West End.

We realised that if we could combine that level of service with our passion and knowledge of the East End, then we could offer East Londoners a really different kind of agency.

This was back in 2016. 6 years on and we are really proud of what we have achieved so far. We have grown from a team of 2 to 7, all equally passionate about the area and the industry.

Why Easthaus?

We would make a bet that everyone, for one reason or another, has had or heard some sort of horror story associated with buying or renting property. It’s this reputation we’re trying to fix.

Being independent allows us to be more flexible – not just with our time, but with our approach to every client.

We also make sure that any third parties we work with such as lawyers, surveyors, photographers, interior designers etc. are on the same page as us. We don't work on commission with them, we simply work with people who offer as exceptional a service as us.

We will be as hands on or off as our clients would like to make sure that moving house is a positive experience for all involved.

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