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People of East London: Local horologist Jon Griffiths shares what life in East London means to him.

Jon Griffiths is a born and bred East Londoner and a second generation horologist. His career started early, at the age of 15, when he left school to join his dad's already established watch business. Jon took over the running of the business several years ago and has worked hard to help it become a globally renowned specialist watch repair and restoration shop.

Jon was born and bought up in East London and his shop still occupies the same spot his dad secured for the business in the early 80's. We chat to Jon over a pint in his local about what life in East London means to him.

When and how did you first 'discover' East London?

I was first introduced to London when I entered this world at the London hospital, February 1978 (now The Royal London hospital). Apparently covered by the sound of the Bow bells confirming my cockney status.

Which person or place do you take most interior design inspiration from?

I love the Victorian period for building design, space and height but I'm also a fan of the Art Deco movement. René Lalique and Eileen Gray come to mind.

How would you spend a sunny Bank Holiday in East London, where would you go and what would you do?

Surely a picnic and games in one of the many parks, Victoria Park being closest to my heart when a nipper!  

What is East London’s best kept secret?  

I would say not a physical place or building but a feeling. Although that could be just me but the friendliness and happy vibe or old school spirit! Which might not be present in other points on the compass.

What is your East End guilty pleasure?

Food! BAGELS or curry. Both a stone's throw.  Salt beef to die for and all the exotic spices for a Friday or Saturday night all next to each other.

You can find out more about the Antique Watch Company here or find them on instagram @antiquewatchuk

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