Landlord Charges

Landlord Fees

Commission for introduction and tenancy

Agency Amount/Fee Amount/Fee (incl. VAT)
Sole 8.0% 9.6%
Multiple 12.0% 14.4%
Tenancy renewal 5.0% 6.0%

EastHaus can offer a full property management service where we can be responsible for rent and service charge collection, lease management, building maintenance, plus the co-ordination of any specialist services required.

Properties are managed from instruction to the point of move-out, minimising void periods and maximising rental income.

Property Management

Service Amount/Fee Amount/Fee (incl. VAT)
Ongoing management 5.0% 6.0%


All fees listed are a percentage of the agreed rental term.

The ongoing management fee is in addition to any agency fee for sourcing and placing the tenant.

All fees due upon the commencement of the tenancy, unless stated otherwise.

Potential Additional Fees

Service Amount/Fee Amount/Fee (incl. VAT)
Service of Notices to terminate a Tenancy (where we are not managing the property) £75 £90
Visits during void period:1 x visit per week during office hours. £100 £120
Administrative charge for instructing contractors during a void period (where we are not managing the property). This service is only offered provided we have written instructions from the Landlord and hold sufficient cleared funds to cover the cost of the work, plus our fees. £50 £60
If the Landlord is not a resident in the UK, we will charge an administration fee each quarter for tax retention and completion of the documentation required by HMRC. If the landlord registers with HMRC as a Non-Resident Landlord (NRL) and Easthaus receives their NRL approval number, Easthaus will not retain any money for tax or charge administration fees. £50 £60
Preparation of documents for County Court proceedings. £50 £60
Attendance at court or any tribunal on Landlord’s behalf (price per hour plus reasonable costs and expenses). £60 per hour £72 per hour
Duplicate statements provided to your accountant: Per statement: All statements covering a tax year. £24 £28.80
Third-Party Inventory Report (dependent on size of property) £120-£200 £144-£300
Project management fee for maintenance and refurbishment works. 10% of the cost of the work, subject to min. fee of £500 12% of the cost of the work, subject to min. fee of £600

Client Money Handling Procedures

Click here to read the Client Money Handling Procedures covered in our Conduct and Membership Rules as a Propertymark Protected Agent.
Click here to view a copy of our Propertymark Client Money Protection Certificate of Membership.