Presenting your property

You never get a second chance to make a first impression which is why at Easthaus we ensure all our properties are professionally photographed to ensure they show your home in the best way possible way. To help maximise the desirability of your property, there are a number of things you can do in advance to ensure your property is ready to be photographed. 



Preparing your property for professional photography ensures your property is shown to its best advantage.

General tips

Carry out a thorough clean of the property including windows inside and out.

Depersonalise and declutter from worktops, tabletops, mantelpieces etc.

Open blinds fully and straighten all curtains

Ensure that all light bulbs are working

Fresh flowers are always a welcome addition to any room

The Hallway

Remove clothes, bags and shoes

The Kitchen 

Clear worktops as much as possible

Remove any pictures, magnets etc. from the fridge

Keep washing up liquid, teatowels, soap etc. out of sight

Keep pet food and drink bowls out of sight

The Bathroom 

Clear surfaces and keep toiletries out of sight

Remove bins, scales, bathmats and laundry baskets

Well placed, colour matched towels look good otherwise remove all towels from sight.

The Bedroom

Ensure clothes and shoes are all put away and laundry basket is out of sight

Clear all surfaces such as bedside tables and keep items on dressers to a minimum

Ensure the bed is made and bed linen is crease free.

Reception Room/Dining Room/Family Room

Minimise clutter and depersonalise where possible

Clear away all children’s toys

Ensure TV/video/Sky etc cables are hidden or minimised

Straighten tables and chairs and plump and arrange cushions 

Outside Spaces

Ensure patios/terraces/decking are cleaned, grass cut and rake away any leaves

Keep hedges and trees trimmed

Put away any bins, bikes, children toys and garden equipment

Ideally if you have a car, park it outside the property, we will ask you to move it for the shot but that way you avoid the unwanted lorry/white van etc in your exterior shot.